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  1. christine chavez says:

    Night Dive!

    The weather here is adaptable a little bit of rain,clouds in the morning and sunshine here to greet you by lunch time. I don’t mind the rain but it can sometimes bring the currents out that makes the snorkeling a little rough, but we work through it.Thursday night was our night dive and I was eager to see what I would find. We watched the sunset across the Caribbean sea just before diving into the water with our flashlights. It was really an eyeopener to see all the plankton swimming across the surface of the water and respond to my flash light. Collecting plankton samples during the night dive had an amazing turnout, I could not wait to view them under the microscope at RIMS lab! Oh yeah, there are these little holes in the ground along the walkways where crabs peep out of to say hello!
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