Christine Chavez

Christine Chavez:

“Relative Abundance of Surface Macro-zooplankton in Roatan, Honduras”

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  1. christine chavez says:

    Hello! I am Christine Chavez, a student in the MCC Coral Reef Undergraduate Research. I am a Waco native and enjoy each minute! Before becoming a MCC Highlander I graduated from TSTC Waco with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts now I am perusing my second dream career to receive a Degree in Marine Biology. This landed me in Rotan, Honduras a perfect place to conduct marine research not to mention breathtakingly beautiful!
    I will be conducting research on the “Relative Abundance of Surface Macro-zooplankton” after all their the little guys that help began big production in the water. Can’t wait to find out what results I find, will keep everyone informed.
    ~Thanks for following!!
    Today’s lunch delicious blacken sea bass on hoagie with coconut cream pie! Yum
    Tomorrow snorkel with bottle nose dolphins in the blue Caribbean water!!

  2. I am the Geology Field Course instructor at MCC and am following you guys on our trip. What specific sources of nutrients do you think is causing an abundance of surface macro-zooplankton? Elaine

  3. christine chavez says:

    Hi Elaine!
    The micro-plankton and phyto-plankton are consumed by the macro-zooplankton more of at the surface and from our night dive sample collection there was a high abundance of zooplankton in the water. There can be less of this type of organism dependent on temperature and lack of nutrients like phosphorous. In other cases an algae bloom can create a high population in the nutrients the macro-zooplankton consume to maintain rapid growth.
    I apologize for the late response.

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