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Last day in paradise

Today for a third or fourth day in a row started as a rainy one but seeing as it was our last day here I was determined to enjoy it. Today’s one and only dive was AMAZING although we didn’t … Continue reading

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Even in darkness there is light

Today started out as yet another rainy day that brightened up just in time for our second dive.  We completed two research dives and one night dive. To be honest I was TERRIFIED for the night dive. Jellyfish are my … Continue reading

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Sometimes it rains in paradise

Today marks the 5th day on our week long excursion. The day began kind of gloomy and it was raining early in the morning all through breakfast and managed to stop just before our first dive. We got two dives … Continue reading

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Yellowtail Damselfish

Hello my name is David Contreraz I am 19 years old and have just recently completed my first year of college at MCC. I’ve had a passion for marine biology for as long as I can remember, so naturally I … Continue reading

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