Roatan Itinerary – 2012

Roatan Itinerary: May 12-19, 2012

Sat 12              Afternoon arrival to Roatan.  Transfer to resort, orientation and welcome drink

7:00-9:00          Dinner

Sun 13
7:00                  Breakfast

8:30                 Orientation to RIMS

9:00                  Checkout equipment/dive at dive dock, bring c-card!!!

9:30                  Dive/Snorkel: Get acquainted with the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

12:00                Lunch

1:00                 Coral Reef Ecology & ID Lecture

2:00                  Dive/Snorkel: fish ID and size estimation practice

4:30                 Dolphin Talk

6:30                  Dinner

Mon 14            

7:00                  Breakfast

8:00                 Dolphin Swim

9:30                  Dive/Snorkel – Fish/Coral/Algae ID

12:00                Picnic lunch at Maya Key

1:00-2:00          Tour of animals and Mayan exhibit

2:00                  Dive/Snorkel – Fish/Coral/Algae ID

4:30                 Marine Monitoring Methods

6:30                  Dinner

Tues 15

7:00                  Breakfast

8:00                 Mangrove Talk

8:30                  Man -O-War Key mangrove and lagoon snorkel

12:00                Lunch

2:00                  Dive/Snorkel –Begin research projects

4:30                 Caribbean Reef Fish

6:30                  Dinner

Wed 16

7:00                  Breakfast

8:00                 Inverts ID

9:00                  Dive/Snorkel – Research Projects

12:00                Lunch

2:00                  Dive/Snorkel – Research Projects

5:30-10:00        Dinner: BBQ fiesta on key –

Thur 17

7:00                  Breakfast

8:00                 Turtle Talk

9:00                  Dive/Snorkel – Research Projects

12:00                Picnic Lunch on Anthony’s Key

2:00                  Dive/Snorkel – Research Projects

4:30                 Roatan Reef Study

6:00                  Night Dive/Snorkel/Zooplankton

7:30                  Dinner

Fri 18

7:00-8:00          Breakfast

9:00                  Last Dive/Snorkel

12:00                Lunch

Check out and pack

2:00-4:00         Island Tour

6:30                  Dinner

Sat 19              Depart Roatan

5 Responses to Roatan Itinerary – 2012

  1. Don randell says:

    Have a great trip, be safe, and enjoy the most rewarding area of being a biologist. You should all be very proud!

  2. Margaret McMillan says:

    Hi everyone, I love your blog site! Also enjoyed the pictures & the videos on filleting Lionfish & scuba diving. Your itinerary looks exciting; wish I was there with all of you. I am Ms. Randell’s sister, and she’ll tell you I always watched deep sea diving programs growing up as a kid. Have a great time & learn lots from your research.

  3. Margaret McMillan says:

    Hey everyone, I love your blog site! Also enjoyed the pictures & videos on filleting Lionfish & scuba diving. Your itinerary looks so exciting that I wish I were with you all. Ask Ms. Randell; I’m her sister. She’ll tell you I used to watch all the deep sea diver programs growing up. Maybe I could play my own “Sea Hunt” video, Steph. Hah!

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