Farewell Roatan, Honduras

This trip for me has been an incredible experience. Not only did I have fun and enjoy my trip but I was also able to complete my research project. This trip truly has been amazing. The dolphin encounter, the scuba diving, the island dancers, visiting the markets, and just being in another country has been great! The one thing that I won’t miss about this place is the motion sickness. That I will be able to live without. The people that I roomed with were awesome. I definitely encourage other students to participate in the program. Not only do they get the experience of being in another country and being surrounded by a different culture, they also get the benefits of completing actual research that will benefit them. I saw so many different types of fish species and coral species. I saw the black durgon, the yellowtail damsels fish, many snappers and groupers, Gray Angel, French Angel, Queen Angel, Rock Beauty, and lion fish. All are beautiful creatures.  I also saw blue tangs, ocean surgeon fish, doctor fish, many star fish, and tons of crabs. The coral was very neat as there were many different kinds. The massive brain corals were cool to look at along with the lettuce leaf, fire blade coral, and sea fans. The night dive was a good experience. We were able to see some species that we would not normally see during the day such as the toad fish, lobsters, king crab. We were also able to see the bio-luminescent plankton when we turned our lights off. The people here were extremely friendly and hospitable. We had one of the best dive masters and boat captains. I would definitely want to visit here again. I am very sad to go but hope to visit again in the future. Bye Roatan, Honduras.

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