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on tuesday 05/15/12 we lost a great friend while we were off to perform our snorkelling around the base of the mangrove trees where baby baracudas and starfish could be seen he fell off the boat never to be seen again he was a great friend and will sorely be missed he was my cefco hat.  he was a great hat which would keep the sun out of my eyes at work and allow me to keep my hair out of my eyes while i took care of customers, and i will miss him greatly. He never did get to see those lovely mangrove trees or the great marvels they held under the water.

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  1. Elaine Fagner says:

    Scott: So sorry to hear about your CEFCO hat. You should ask them to replace it for you since you are a walking advertisement for them! On a scientific note, can you explain what the value is of mangrove trees to coral reefs and marine shoreline habitat? Elaine

  2. Scott Burgess says:

    certainly the mangrove trees help to slow the water flow causing the heavier sediment to drop keeping it from killing thee coral by blocking the sunlight from reaching it and helping to increase the shoreline by allowing the new sediment to join the world of dry land or just make the water really shallow

  3. Jesus Jesus says:

    Just think, somewhere out on the reef is a parrotfish roaming around with a CEFCO hat…

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