The Dolphin Encounter!

Today we got to swim with the dolphins over on Bailey’s Key and it was amazing!  The first thirty minutes we broke up into two groups and stood shoulder to shoulder in a line while the trainer worked with their specific dolphin.  The trainer had the dolphin do some tricks like waving at us and making different noises with it’s blowhole. We also were able to pet the dolphins at this point and watch them do many different jumps and flips in the air.  After all of the tricks, we each had the opportunity to take a couple of individual pictures with the dolphins.  For the last thirty minutes we got to snorkel with all of the dolphins without any of the trainers control.  This was the neatest part because the dolphins only came up to you if they thought you were interesting and were curious enough to explore you. We all were trying to get the dolphins attention by diving underwater and playing with the dirt or the grass on the bottom of the ocean or splashing around on the surface.  The dolphins were a little shy at first but eventually they came close enough that we could pet them and play with them.  This was by far the best experience so far! But I’m sure we will have many more unforgettable experiences while here!




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  1. Nancy says:

    How interesting to hear about the dolphins. What interested in the dolphins the most? Or was it different for each dolphin?

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