Ruby Gaspar

First I just want to apologize for not introducing myself; my name is Ruby Gaspar and I will be doing a count on the relative abundance of the Nassau Grouper. I am currently a student and MCC, when Ms. Randell told us about the chance to go to Roatan, Honduras, I looked over to my lab partner Emily Stein and I we both knew we would be coming. I am so excited to see what results I get from my research. Stay tune for more action packed news from the Reef!

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2 Responses to Ruby Gaspar

  1. Nancy says:

    Is the Nassau Grouper a huge brown and white fish? Is it indigenous to the area? Hope your research goes well and is fun!

  2. Michael Bolman says:

    I miss you sooooo much!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time!!! 🙂

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