Great Dives!

A quick update on things here:

Everything is swell. The diving has been fantastic. I was a little apprehensive about diving because it has been awhile since I’ve dve. It turns out, with a refresher course, diving is much like riding a bicycle. It comes back to you. This has been handy. Also, it turns out diving in the Carribean is much more fun than diving in Texas lakes. No offense, Texas lakes.

The RIMS institute has also assigned us a person to go on dives and help out with the research. Jack has been fantastic; he knows tons about the reefs and is a Dive Master. I feel one can never have too many diver masters in the water. Stephanie’s friend Rebeca has also been fantastic. She is the diver master who certified all the students. Having her around has been great, esecially since it has made the students that much mre comfortable in the water. We are very lucky to have both Jack and Rebecca with our team!

I think that’s all for now. Even though it’s only 7:30 (Honduras does not do daylight savings), it feels like it’s ten. I might just treat myself to an 8:30 pm bedtime tonight. Diving is great, but it is tiring.

(Also, shout out to my mother on Mother’s Day. It turns out you were completely right about sunblock, Mom. Gooping it on has saved me from the pain of a sunburn today).

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2 Responses to Great Dives!

  1. Nancy says:

    Glad to hear the dive went well. You are certainly at home underwater–since about the age of 2.

    That’s the best Mother’s Day present I could have…you put it in writing that I was completely right about something! Keep up the gooping!

  2. Donna says:

    Have a great time! This blog is wonderful.

    Donna E

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