Arrival in Roatan

On the Tarmac

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4 Responses to Arrival in Roatan

  1. Michael Bolman says:

    have fun!!!!

  2. Chris Mcfarlane says:

    Hope you are having fun Happy Mothers Day!!!

  3. Stephanie & Liz: Can see you guys are off to a great start! We arrived in Tucumcari, NM this afternoon and will head out to the dinosaur dig in the morning. Looks like your students are doing a fantastic job in their research. What is the most common coral you are seeing? What is the most common coral illness you are observing? Elaine

    • Stephanie Randell Stephanie Randell says:

      Sorry; I just saw this Elaine! White plague is the most prevalent, There’s also quite a bit of white pox and yellow-band in this area. I also saw some black band.

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