We’re Finally Here!!!

Well we finally made it to Roatan!!! We’re all settled in our cabins now and getting ready to hit the sack as we have a very long and exciting day tomorrow!

My name is Lauren Scott and I am part of the Marine Biology Undergraduate Research team here in Honduras.  The title of my project is, “The Effects of pH and Algal Coverage on Coral Reef Health in Roatan, Honduras.”  I chose this topic because many of the coral reefs are dying all around the world.  One of the factors that could be causing this is an increase in ocean acidification which can cause coral reefs to stress.  Another factor is that algae is overpopulating the coral reefs after they are stressed out, causing them to eventually die away.

Keep checking our blog for more updates on all of our projects!


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  1. Nancy says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about your dives and research!

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